• the 2nd RNAS meeting

    13:00 Progress Report Chairperson: Dr Chen Minggang Rapporteur: Dr Luz Acosta
  • The progress report of RNAS

    Zhou Xiaonong1,2, Luz Acosta3, Lydia R. Leonardo4, Chen Minggang1, Gemiliano Aligui3, Feng Zheng1, and Remigio Olveda4
  • Sequence variation and implications

    Sequence variation and implications Time:2009-10-9 Molecular characterization of Schistosoma japonicum tegument protein tetraspanin-2: Sequence variation and possible implications for immune evasion Pengfei Cai, Lingyi Bu, Heng Wang Laboratory of Parasitology, Chinese Academy of Medical Science
  • Antibody isotype responses to paramyosin

    Antibody isotype responses to paramyosin, a vaccine candidate for schistosomiasis, and their correlations with resistance and fibrosis in patients with Schistosoma japonicum in Leyte, The Philippines T. Nara1), K. Iizumi1), H. Ohmae2), O.S. Sy3), S. Tsubota1), Y. Inaba4), A. Tsubouchi1), M. Tanabe5), S. Kojima6), T. Aoki1)
  • Recommendations

    Several recommendations were made pertaining to scientific, operational and organizational issues. Scientific Recommendations